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So, I had the growth scan this morning. The baby (we call him Faustin for now – long story) looks fine & is actually only in the 67th percentile, so he’s lightly bigger than average, but not crazy huge (phew).  In my statistics-limited mind, a 67 is only a C+ or B-, so seems really average to me. I have slightly more amniotic fluid than average, too, but again it’s not outside of normal, but excess fluid can point to GD. So, it’s all borderline.  Since it’s borderline, to be safe I can try to eat more of a GD diet to avoid spikes.  I could do the whole glucose test again, and I could do finger pricks, but I’m not sure what the point of all that would be.  I know how to eat healthy carbs and a balanced diet, and I don’t want to be funneled into high intervention care for no real reason.

The thing is, Faustin’s HEAD is in the 98th percentile – huge – so that’s gotta be skewing his overall size average, too, right?  I’m not exactly sure how that works.  Big heads run in DH’s family.  He actually jokes about how a big head is the baby’s birthright.  Since I’ve gotta push that big noggin out, I’m a little less thrilled about the huge head, but I guess baby’s making good use of the Omega 3’s I’ve been taking and it’s all going to his brain.  DH’s sister – also petite – managed just fine with her three big-headed babies, so I’ll probably be fine, too.

I’m glad I made DH go to the scan with me.  I go to most of my appointments alone, but in case there was disturbing news (the “in case” an IFer always has in the back of her head), I wanted him to be there.  He thought that the take-away of the whole visit is that Faustin is perfectly normal and healthy, and that any tangent the MFM went on about diabetes and finger pricks was just provoked by my questions and visible worry.  It’s hard for me to say.  I guess that’s why it’s helpful to have someone a little outside, observing things.

The thing that stuck in MY head the most from the visit (and this came out of the MFM’s mouth, mind you) is that ice cream is an ideal sweet treat, because there’s fat along with the carbs.  I’m not forgetting that bit of medical advice, that’s for sure.

I’m going to try hard to get the peace and equilibrium back that I had earlier in this pregnancy, and just assume everything’s progressing normally.  I wish I could send some peace  to my tweeps, too, especially Calamantha and Endojourney, who sure deserve some after all they’ve been through lately.

– Patience


– Patience

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