I just wanted to write a quick post to say that J got a letter from his doctor this morning saying that there are no signs of MS in his MRI.  I’m incredibly, unbelievably relieved, of course.  Exhausted and depleted, but relieved.  I just want to thank everyone for their support as I went through this additional, awful, unexpected roller coaster.

I am so grateful to have supportive, caring people to go to in such a time, grateful that I and my husband have our health, and incredibly grateful that I have such a wonderful, loving, funny, handsome husband.  I hope I can hold on to all of this and do a better job at not getting caught up in what seems less than perfect.  I realized how easy it is to spend my time being envious of the people who seem to have a little more than I have, rather than being thankful that I have so much more than so many.

Ok, now I feel like I’m going to go sleep for a few days.

– Patience

PS:  I know it’ll make this post extra puke-worthy, but I have to post photos of a couple of things J gave me recently – a bird’s nest, and a pretty little dish to put all my pills in.  He just surprised me with them because he thought I’d like them.  He’s a keeper.  Ok, now you can go puke 😉